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The Scratching Post: Carolina Panthers News 6/10/16

Greetings, internet users. Welcome to The Scratching Post.Here’s some reading material from outside CSR for you to consume. The reasons behind Brandon Boykin's release have been revealed You know Dave's not messing around with those comp picks.Cam Newton plans to replace the dab with a new celebration in 2016 This isn't a surprise. The dab pretty much died when Jerry Richardson did it anyway. I can't wait to see what celebration he comes up with and how long it takes before people are complaining about it on Twitter Cam Newton Jersey. Cam Newton is the seventh-highest paid athlete in the world, and the highest in the NFL Hey Cam, I'ma need about tree fiddy.Chase Blackburn is chasing his dream of being an NFL coach with the Panthers this summer Kudos to the Panthers for giving him the opportunity to be a coaching intern through training camp, and good luck Chase!Robert McClain is taking a leadership role in the secondary while competing for his job I have to believe that McClain will be one of the favorites for a starting spot because of his knowledge of the playbook and his veteran status Kony Ealy Jersey.Feel free to discuss these links, or use this thread to chat about anything you want: video games, food, non-football sports, you name it. As long as it's allowed by the site's ToS then it's fair game here.You know the drill.This is now an open thread!


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